Aims & objectives

Project Idea:
Youthist (Old name:This Equal Citizens of Global World), will bring together 35 young people and youth workers from Europe as well as a team of trainers and some media workers and specialists, all concerned by social injustice. The idea is to foster reflections, creativity, imagination and a citizens’ voice through exploring and implementing different media tools (radio, video, social media…)

All along this activity, through exchanges, analyses, experiences, and practices… citizens’ action and expression spaces will allow to explore different themes linked to social justice, social rights, and the fight for more equality in the youth field.
This “Equal Citizens of Global World” hence proposes; To fight against social injustice through utilizing social media!

1. To develop a common and mobilizing understanding of social justice in the youth field;
2. To share and exchange about the various grass-root realities of the participants in the field of citizens’ action through media and social media;
3. To increase knowledge of the possible actions and opportunities offered by these media;
4. To create a joint citizens’ interventions through these different media and to initiate networking and follow-up processes among the participants.

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

Trainers from Nederland and Turkey

Participants from;
Turkey, Lithuenia, Romania, Slovakia, Greece, Romania, İtalia, Poland, Portugal, GB

Training methods used & main activities

The overall methodology for this activity will be entirely based on the principles of non formal education such as exercises, games, group dynamics, work in plenary and in sub-groups peer support, and self- directed learning, among others. Linguistic cooperation and solidarity will also be put forward throughout the days.

The training was divided into 2 main stages: theoretical and practical. During the theoretical stage, participants explored topics such as defining social justice and social media, communication, empathy, human needs psychology and non-violent communication through simulations, discussions, and input. During the practical stage participants engaged in creating social media characters as well as videos, radio shows and social media strategies that would promote social justice.

Outcomes of the activity

The participants, trainers and organisers were satisfied with the training outcomes, as for many of the participants the topics covered and the supportive environment that was created provided them with a renewed vision for how they can practically promote social justice through social media. During the training they created videos and radio shows and will continue to work as a group to promote social justice through social media. Some articles written by participants describing the training are:

A blog post from Romania:

Trei membrii CREED + Istanbul = Love!


A news from Portugal;

Some More Pictures

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